What is a 457 Visa?

Subclass 457 of the Australian Migration System is a temporary visa which was introduced in the second half of 1990. It is basically aimed at fulfilling the requirement of skilled labor in Australia. It allows a business in Australia to sponsor a suitable candidates to fill in a vacancy which can not be filled in locally due to non -availability of a particular skill. It was introduced with the aim to fuel economic growth and to permit businesses to promptly fill in positions which demanded talent to be sourced in from abroad.

Terms and Conditions of the 457 Visa:

  • It issued for a duration of 4 years
  • During the four year employment period, the 457 visa holder is allowed to travel in and out of Australia as many times they wish to
  • Applicant should be sponsored by a business in Australia
  • The sponsorship application of the employer should be approved by the Department of Immigration (DIAC)
  • Candidate should meet the English language requirement, unless exempted from it;
  • Candidate’s health insurance should be sufficient

However, this 457 visa is subject to stringent rules and regulations.

  • It is restricted to highly skilled workers
  • It is mandatory for the candidate to work for the nominated occupation and his/her sponsor as stated in the visa application. However, this does not imply that if one wishes to switch jobs, then he/ she has to apply for a new 457 visa while the visa is still valid. The only requisite condition is that the new employer too should be an approved 457 sponsor and should lodge a 457 nomination for the candidate.
  • Furthermore, the worker should not cease employment for a period of more than three consecutive months

How are the 457 Visa Scheme misused by employers?
The Government have implemented various steps to prevent employers from misusing the 457 visa scheme. It has been observes that employers typically were misusing it by:
Sponsoring candidates from abroad even when that required skill set was available in Australia itself.
Not paying the 457 visa holders as per Australian standards,
This scheme has indeed borne fruit for the Australian economy. and has proved to be especially effective in recruiting skilled worker in remote areas of the country. It has been observed that 457 visa holders aspire to become Australian citizens and wish to settle permanently in Australia. As per the amendment implemented by the Government, effective from 1 July, 2012, all 457 visa holders are empowered to apply for permanent residency in Australia after working full-time for two years as an employee of his sponsor.

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