Tips for the Listening test of IELTS

The importance of possessing good listening skills in life can’t be stressed enough. Often, we are so engrossed in putting forth our thoughts that we tend to forget to ‘listen’. Hence, this listening part of the IELTS is more than just another test. It rather serves as a reminder of a very important lesson of life. The level and pattern of the listening test is the same for both, the Academic and the General tests of the IELTS.

We have compiled a few of the most frequently asked questions  for the listening section of IELTS and have tried to provide their answers to the best of their ability:

Which English accent(s) can I expect?

One should be prepared for any standard variety of English like the British English, American English or Australian English.

What kind of recordings can I expect to be played during the test?

The current listening module includes two major categories of a monologue and a conversation. The general conversation and monologue is played at first and these are then followed by the academic ones. The subject matter may be in the form of a telephone conversation, a discussion or a discourse during a seminar or a debate, a radio programme or an academic lecture.

Can I listen to the recordings more than once?

No, the recordings are played just once. It is advisable to just guess the answer and move on to the next question in case you have missed out on listening to the answer to a question. Needless to say, it helps when you make notes while the recording is being played itself and here is where practice comes to play.

Will marks be deducted for spelling and grammatical errors?

Even if the examiner might overlook minor mistakes, you will have to pay for the more serious ones in the form of deduction of your score. Hence, it is advisable to reach a certain level of proficiency in English before taking the IELTS.

Which spelling should be used in IELTS, British or American?

It is advisable to pick either of the spelling varieties and stick to it.

Do I get separate time to read the questions?

You are granted 30 seconds before each section begins just to preview the questions.

Do put in sufficient practice time for the listening section before taking the IELTS. That would surely help you achieve a good score.