How should you select an IELTS coaching?

IELTS is a mandatory exam which requires to be taken by people before moving to other English speaking countries like the UK or Australia. Segregation has been made in the pattern of the IELTS examination by the British Council authorities for the future student and the future immigrant. Hence, the Academic one has been specifically devised to test the basic language skills of future students while the General one aims at testing whether the future immigrants possess the necessary skills in learning English.

The number of people harboring the dream of pursuing higher studies and of experiencing the life abroad has been on the rise and so has the number of IELTS coaching center in all such countries. After all, it is turning out to be a profitable business! But, this has provided the space for additional confusion in the minds of all IELTS applicants.  The question of which IELTS coaching center should he or she choose from and what should be the filtering criteria is a rather frequently asked question these days.

What are the major filtering criteria?


A few of the major factors which influence the minds of the people are

  • the location
  • its reputation
  • success of past students
  • timings
  • the strength of the class

However, the most important factor to be kept in mind is the credibility and expertise of the teaching staff. The quality of teaching alone can outweigh all other deciding factors. Students are more likely to benefit from teachers who are foreign nationals. Picking up on the accent and the pronunciation becomes much easier in this case.

Also, it is a well known fact that larger the strength of each class, lesser will be the individual attention for each student. Hence, an institute offering coaching to a smaller group of students and having several sessions is considered to be better than the rest.

Apart from teaching, the staff at these coaching centers is also expected to be well informed about all IELTS terms and conditions and any changes therein. A coaching center should be chosen such that one can count on them regarding complete guidance, be it regarding the coaching or be it, regarding any of the official paperwork. A few of these coaching centers also offer additional perks like

  • career counseling sessions
  • interactive sessions with experts
  • sessions with direct representatives of various colleges

Moreover, a large student base in any coaching center offers the chance of interaction with several other candidates who plan on pursuing similar careers. This is synonymous with more exposure and undoubtedly results in an enhanced career perspective.

Last but in no way the least features the expense of the course. In this competitive marketplace, most good institutes follow a similar pricing strategy. However, the expense varies depending on location of the center, quality of teaching staff and so on.

Make the right choice and sail through the IELTS examination to achieve your dream of studying or settling abroad.

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