Reasons For Popularity Of Australia For Students Across The World

As one of the developed nations of the world, Australia has a lot going for it, least of all the great climate. For students from all over the world, there is hardly any problem in living there and working to pay for their expenses. The support from the government is also immense that enhances the demand for the scholarships offered. In addition to that, the sheer number of students pouring into the country shows the popularity of the thousands of courses in the different universities of the country. In addition to being one of the popular party destinations, which appeals to the young crowd, there is an air of tolerance in the country that is most perfect to nurture the seeds of education.

There are several reasons that propel students to study in the country Down Under.

  • The education system of the country is the third most popular in the world with over 22000 courses taught in 1100 institutions across the country.
  • Among the 100 top universities in the world, seven are from Oz and the ranking of these is 8th in the world, leaving behind popular destinations like Germany and the UK.
  • It has five of the 30 most popular and best cities for students in the world.
  • There are several courses in streams like arts and humanities, healthcare, engineering and technology, physical and life sciences and social sciences.
  • There are over 2500000 alumni of the Australian universities are spread across the world and have made a mark on the same with 15 Nobel laureates emerging from among them.
  • There are several innovations of the Australian land that people across the world use every day.
  • The Australian Qualifications Framework ensures a uniform progression of study that is formally recognized across the world and includes all education right from the secondary education through vocational education and training courses.
  • In 2000 the Education Services for Overseas Students Act was created to protect the interests and standards for the international students with regulatory credential requirements for the institutions.

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