Planning To Study Abroad? Student Visa Related FAQ

Applying for a student visa, going abroad to study is all about excitement and venturing out for something new. In such cases, it is natural that you will have a couple of questions. Hence this FAQ to have your questions answered.

Q1: How will I know if I need to give an English Language test?

A: This is one question that varies from place to place depending on the course that you are selecting for further studies. But the best person to answer this question would be your course provider. With such questions related to your course, always remember that your course provider is your go to person.

Q2: Can I work while I have my student visa?

A: You are allowed to work even with your student visa but there are conditions that you must follow. This condition is, you are allowed to work for a total time span of 20 hours in a week.

Q3: Will I be allowed to travel around with the help of my Australian student visa?

A: The best thing about the Australian Student Visa is the fact that it is a multiple entry visa. This implies that you can leave Australia and come back as many times as you want throughout the duration of your visa. So with the help of the student visa, you have the liberty to travel around.

Q4: How long will it take for my visa to process?

A: This is again a question that varies from one place to another. But on an average, a student visa takes a time span of 2 to 3 weeks to process. This time frame remains variant based on Immigration.

Q5: Do I have the liberty to include my family members in my Australian student visa?

A: You have the liberty to include your dependent family members on your visa. The visas that your dependent family members will receive will be for the same time span as yours.

Q6: When in Australia, do I have the right to apply for a student visa during my stay?

A: You have the right to apply for a student visa during your stay in Australia. But this is only possible provided no where in your visa this condition is mentioned “no further stay”.

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