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Permanent Residency – cakewalk for Melbourne suburbia

Enjoying life as a temporary resident in Melbourne and want to become a permanent resident now? Depending upon which Melbourne suburb you’re staying, reaching us takes no more than a hop, step or leap. Walk in, drive, take a cab or public transport to reach us at any of our three offices in Melbourne. We’ll take over from there. We perfectly understand that time is a precious commodity for working professionals and that’s why we have tailored our operations to suit your convenience and hectic schedules.

Central Melbourne:
If you’re neck-deep at work in the CBD, and finding it impossible to follow up on your immigration dreams, we perfectly understand. Our conveniently located offices in the business district allow professionals working nearby or staying in adjoining suburbs, to breeze in during tea-breaks or lunch hours – for a quick consultation. Our offices at CBD are accessible to the suburbs too, especially in the south and east of Melbourne.

Western suburbs:
But if you’re living in the western suburbs of Melbourne, getting across to the CBD for frequent meetings with your immigration agent, can be a challenge. And that’s why our office is located in the western suburb of Caroline Springs. Residents of 33 suburbs looking for a dependable migration agent in Ardeer, Cairnlea, Calder Park, and 30 more localities can easily reach us at our offices in Caroline Springs. Simply walk in with an appointment and leave us to do the rest. What’s more, we take the concept of service to the next level with our after-office hours service. If you’re unable to leave your office during the day or can’t afford to take leave from work, just don’t worry. Simply finish your day’s work and head out to the best migration agent in Caroline Springs, because we are open evenings too after all else is quiet on the work front for others!

Northern suburbs:
Located to the north of Melbourne, our offices at Reservoir, are ideally placed to service immigration applications of people who stay in suburbs here. So, whether you’re a suburban resident seeking a migration agent in Bellfield, Greensborough, St Helena, or any of the hundred-odd suburbs here, remember, you’re search for a dependable migration agent in Eaglemont ends at our doorstep.
As you can see, wherever in Melbourne you are, we have you covered. Bid goodbye to the prospect of finding time and access to easy documentation and processing of your permanent residency paperwork. Call us, fix an appointment to take your first step towards permanent Australian residentship.