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Migration Agents In St. Albans

Are you looking for a Migration Agent in St. Albans to apply for a visa in Australia? Then come on over to Global Migration. Our registered migration agents will help you sort out all and any visa-related queries or problems. Whether it be about understanding the procedures or if you are worried about how to apply, we are here to assist with anything and everything that you require.

Registered Migration Agents In St. Albans

When you are looking for a migration agent in St. Albans, you should ensure that you are hiring the services of a Registered Migration Agent. You should also be aware of the agent’s and the agency’s track record when it comes to delivering the goods. There are many migration agents who will make promises that they can’t keep and that could spell trouble for you.

When you hire a Migration Agent you should always profile their experience. We are not just merely talking about getting references here. An experienced migration agent will have a good idea about what kind of visa you will need. They will have good idea about the various types of visas that you can apply for such as PR, Partner or Spouse Visa, Student visa, 485 Work Visa and other independent visas.

 A good Registered Migration Agent will also have thorough knowledge about the various processes that are involved in applying for a visa. The rules and regulations around visas in Australia are quite complex. So, be sure that you have an agent who will be able to break down those rules for you to understand better. Moreover, the agent should be able to guide you through the procedure so that you do not encounter any obstructions in your application process.

Also do ensure that your migration agent is registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in order to ensure accountability.

 Get a Migration Agent In St. Albans to Successfully Apply for 485 Work Visa

It’s not just our success rate in Student Visa approvals that our Migration Agents thrive on, but we also have a very good reputation when it comes to the 485 visas as well. The 485 is a work visa for International students who have recently graduated from an Australian educational institution. This visa allows students to work in Australia for a short duration after they complete their studies.

An International student can be eligible for the 485 work visa if they-