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Migration Agent Practice Ready Program

Migration, whether seasonal or permanent, is a movement of individuals from one region to another, seeking a more developed and improved lifestyle. Migration is becoming popular among the youth and students who explore better education and job opportunities. Australia has one the most stable economies in the world, well known for its development, infrastructure and lavish lifestyle, especially in cities like, Sydney, Melbourne and custom writing services Perth. A major attraction for investors and skilled professionals, Australia is a dream-come-true for qualified professionals, who seek international experience and a chance to grow in their field. The country also permits migration for investors and entrepreneurs across the globe for investments in different sectors.

Do migration agents need to complete Practice Ready Programs?

All Migration Agents, who have applied for initial registration on or after 1 September 2011 must complete a Practice Ready Program. If the agent is a member of a recognized professional accounting body or already holds an Australian migration agent practicing certificate, only then would they not need to apply.

A practice ready program helps the migration agent understand what motivates and drives immigration clients, run an ethical and successful practice, conduct client interviews and formulate advice and answer queries about the immigration advice industry.

Do migration agents need to be registered in Australia?

When you go looking to use a migration agent, you should use one that is registered with the MARA. All migration agents must be registered with Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia.