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Why Use a Registered Migration Agent?

Australian Immigration Laws are considerably complex and are updated quite frequently. Any individual willing to settle in or travel to Australia, can seek the help of a migration agent to help him/her through these procedures, if he/she does not feel confident enough to handle it. Mind it, appointing a migration agent is NOT mandatory, but it is strictly advised to appoint a registered migration agent to apply for and obtain visa for Australian settlement.

Why do you need to appoint a registered migration agent?

It is best to appoint a migration agent who is registered under Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA). It is considered illegal for any unregistered practicing migration agent to advice on the migration procedures of Australia and can he/she can be penalized for doing so with 10 years of imprisonment. However the agents who are working from outside Australia are not bound by MARA’s code of conducts.

Global Migrations are Registered Migration Agent in Melbourne. Led by Ranbir Singh, we provide every kind of solutions for student, professional, travelers and settlers with advice and guidance to travel or settle in Australia. We offer our services at very reasonable rates and assure to take the stress of visa application off your shoulders. Global Migrations, with 5 years of experience, promises prompt response to all our clients and have a high track records of successful acceptation of the applications filed. If you are looking for registered agents in Melbourne, get in touch with:

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