Migrating to a New Country? 3 Ways to Still Keep Your Relationship Alive

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder” this is one statement that is synonymous among couples who are in a long distance relationship now. There could be various reasons for the distance to have crept in but that in no way implies that the love needs a full stop. Migrating to another country for work or for higher studies is very common among the modern couple who are driven by career and remain too ambitious. But does that mean they are not allowed to fall in love? Well, they have every reason to be in love but at the same time they should also realize that this love needs time and care to grow. So when going the long distance route, remember to keep a few things in mind; because these are the things when practiced well can keep the love blossoming always. The roses will never cease to be romantic and nor will the heart shaped chocolates, and red will always remain your favorite color.

Maintaining a long distance relationship is never easy, but as the saying goes, when the going get tough, the tough gets going. So always keep that in mind because we are ready to help you with the 3 basic tips that will keep the love alive and fresh always.


3 Easy Practices to Keep Your Relationship Strong In Spite of the Distance

  • Set Time to Talk – Everything needs time and care to grow, same is the scenario for love as well, it needs time to grow. In your attempt to give some time to love, always remember to set time to talk. Sharing and keeping the other well posted is always necessary for the distance to not creep in. So always set fixed time for talking and never compromise on those timings.
  • Remember Life Back Home is still quite the Same – Visiting a new country and making it your home is all very nice and exciting but you should always stay sensitive that your partner back home is still leading the old lifestyle. So days when you remain exhausted or too tired to even explain how your day has been, it might get difficult for the other person to understand that all the time. So it is important that you remain patient and don’t make it a habit to party too much so that you get drained out to talk. Stay sensitive and balanced when handling your current lifestyle as well as your partner.  
  • Remember You have a Home and You Need to go back to – All things new have their own set of excitement and charm. But it is important that you keep yourself grounded enough to understand that back home you had a life that included your family members and your partner. You must understand and learn to embrace the different cultures with the same amount of love. You must remember that your home will always remain so, and that is the reason why you should always go back to your home of unconditional love.

Practice these tips and who knows, maybe a time will come when both of you will realize that this distance brought you both closer.