Just Shifted Base to Australia? Get a Hang of 3 Interesting Things

If moving to Australia has been a dream come true for you, then you will have the time of your life for the first couple of months. Once your excitement is well in control because you have traveled the length and breadth of the city, you will realize that the time has come for you to pull up your socks and get to work. After all you have reached your dream destination for some work or to pursue some course or higher studies and the visa that you have been provided is proof enough that you need to start working. Once the exhilaration is sorted, it is time for you get a hang of certain new things.

In the meanwhile, we give you a brief about the 3 immediate things that you need to get used to the moment you step into the land of kangaroos and the Opera House.

When In Australia, get a Hang of these 3 Things

  • The Time Difference – The moment you landed in Australia leaving your country, the first thing that has changed is the time. It is important to maintain this time difference when planning to make calls at home. Calculating the time difference all the time in your head the first thing before you pick up the phone to call can be a daunting task. So it is best to keep another clock handy that shows the time of your own country. This always helps to make the call without the trouble of calculation.
  • A Different Language all together – We thought Australia is the land for the English speaking people. Really? Think again, because they might speak the language but the lingo and the accent is so different that it would take you quite some time to understand what they are saying and what they actually mean. Like for instance, when in Australia McDonald’s becomes Macca’s, “takeaway” becomes “to go”, “thank you” becomes “ta”. And never ask for a “cart” in a supermarket because it is a “trolley”. So stay patient and a silent listener to understand the lingo first.
  • Walking on the Left Side – Walking on the left side of the road is a must and is the routine of the people living here. In fact, it is very easy to identify anybody who has just landed in the city because of their awkwardness in trying to manage walking on the left side. Walking on the right is a habit that you have developed for years, but to change that suddenly takes some time. But the sooner the better because a lot of safety reasons are involved failing to follow this habit.  

A new place is all about new habits and cultures. So it might take a while, but don’t worry because a time will come when all of it will look like cake walk for you.