Implication Of The Changing Trends – Asian Migration To Australia

International migration between Australia and Asia has increased rapidly throughout the last two decades. The growth has been alarmingly fast in the more recent years and that is the reason why we should look into the statistics to have more clarity. The resident population in Australia born in Asia today has increased from 1.1% in 1976 to a 5.5% in 2001. Post this statistics, the macroscopic view shows us that the new settlers in Australia who are Asians make up more than third of the current population of Australia. The Australian international migration has undergone a drastic change due to the increasing flow of temporary workers in Australia.

This flow of workers from Asia to Australia has brought about drastic changes and a lot of corresponding implications in the global market. Let us have a look at those.

Implication of the Changing Migration Trends

The changes due to migration has largely affected both Australia and Asia as nations. The implication of the changing trends are:

  • Economic – Australia as a country had always been underpopulated due to the low birth rate. The greatest fear has always been that the negative population growth would have an adverse impact on the long term effects on the economy. The labour force would soon grow old and eventually become less competitive, this was the fear. Less competitive labour market would never make for a flourishing economy. In order to break free from this trend, Australia started welcoming people from other nations. Asia being the largest continent and India being the most populated country was the first to grab this opportunity and make the most of it.
  •  Employment – For the last couple of years, the employment opportunities for the migration agents have been booming because of the large number of professionals and students planning to make a move to Australia. Along with this, the Indian migration agents in Melbourne and Australia have largely been on the rise. The employment structure has also increased considerably well thereby improving the economy of Australia as well.    
  • Social – Immigration has resulted in creating a wide ensemble of people dwelling from different countries and continents. What they bring with them is their native culture and practices. The practice of their cultures and rituals have created a good social structure for Australia. The urban settlement in Australia shows a wide variety of social patterns, customs and norms. This variety makes Australia a dynamic country that has developed a distinct social identity over the years.

The economy, the employment structure and the social strata has been formed throughout these years and has helped considerably in giving Australia its distinct identity.