All about IELTS

The International English Language Testing System is a global examination that is used for testing the proficiency of English for those who wish to study or work abroad and where English is used as a first language. Almost 10000 organizations and institutions in the world recognize IELTS and over the years it has emerged as a global yardstick for measuring the knowledge of English in a person. However, a certain amount of training is required to pass in this examination and if you are thinking about appearing for it, you should undergo extensive coaching to help you prepare for it.

  • The best IELTS coaching in Melbourne is available from some select centers and you can look for them based on your current location. The importance of right coaching in immense and it is not like preparing for just another school or college examination. The examination is divided across various sections and they are reading, listening, comprehension, speaking and grammar. The applicants are informed about their date and location of examination and through their contact details and it is essential that all the information put on the form are absolutely correct.
  • The overall examination tests how much the applicant is able to grasp and apply the knowledge of English and how would he use it in a practical scenario. Hence, the coaching should also be similar and stress should be given on correcting pronunciations and on improving grammar. There are those who come from various regions and they might have an accent that hinders the correct pronunciation of certain words. These should be worked on prior to applying for the exam.
  • The IELTS examination has two levels- the Academic and the General and the applicant has to choose depending on his education or professional requirements. This examination is a major visa requirement if one is trying to migrate to English speaking countries like UK, Australia or New Zealand from a non- English speaking country. The certificate is a major ticket to finding better job opportunities in these countries and the number of applicants are increasing every year.
  • IELTS also has special arrangements for those with special needs and the authorities of the Test Center should be informed at least three months prior so that they can make the necessary arrangements. Similarly, in case there are any administrative requirements, like needing extra time, then the authorities should be informed six weeks prior.