How to Apply For Partner Visa in Australia?

There are many such people who migrate to Australia in search of bread and butter. However most of the time, they are not aware of how to take their partner or spouse along with them. This post tries to provide you with a clear picture of how to apply for a partner visa in Melbourne.

There are several special schemes under the visa procedures in Australia. One such scheme is the partner migration scheme that allows the permanent residents of Australia, and the New Zealand citizens to migrate their partners to Australia with them. If the job holder in Australia is able to sponsor the visa for his partner, Australian immigration will grant the visa as per the partner migration scheme. To be eligible for this visa program, you must meet the basic requirements that are laid down by the department of immigration and citizenship in Australia.

The General Requirements

For both the married and the unmarried partners of an Australian citizen or for a person with permanent residential permit and also for the New Zealand citizen are allowed a visa to enter Australia and also remain their permanently with the sponsoring spouse.

For the first entry, a temporary visa is granted and eventually after a period of two years, a permanent visa can be obtained. Of course there are also several such instances when a permanent visa is granted at the first entrance as well. The applicant however must also satisfy the legal, character and health criteria for applying for this visa.

If you have India visa and Melbourne is your chosen destination, here are some quick guidance about how to apply for a partner visa in Australia:

  • As soon as you are certain that you would want to take along your partner to Melbourne, start with the application process immediately since there are several paper works involved and it can take a lot of time.

  • You should also book your medical checkup with priority since you might have to wait for a long time to get an appointment.

  • You must also keep in handy the marriage certificate or the relationship certificate.

  • Find a lawyer or a migration consultant who would gladly check all your application details before you submit the application for the visa program. As it is, the visa application process is complicated; it can become all the more confusing at the last moment if you hurry. Take your time and keep the documents ready and submit with convenience.

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