How Can You Extend Your Student Visa In Melbourne?

The basic rule for international students is to complete the educational course within the stipulated duration as has been mentioned in the offer letter. But in quite a couple of cases, students need to extend their stay and this demands for an extension of their visa. Does it sound like a lot of work? Well, not anymore because of the guidance that we provide you about the steps that you need to follow. So pull up your socks and get to work because you need to start the visa application process in order to extend your student visa.


The Steps Involved in Extending Your Student Visa

  • A Brief about Extending Your Visa – For students, the University may grant you the new Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) to complete your studies only if they feel that you are serious and compassionate about your academics. In case you wish to finish your course within the stipulated time, you are free to speak about this with your Course Coordinator. In case you fail to finish your task, then discussing the intervention plan becomes a must for you. When applying for the student visa renewal, it is mandatory that you attach a copy of the intervention plan with it.
  • Lodging Your Application – You have the liberty to lodge your visa application either online, by appointment or by post. In order to extend your stay, you need to pay the Overseas Student Health Cover for the extended time frame of your stay. The receipts should be kept as evidence against the payment you made.
  • The Health Check Ups – In case it has been more then 12 months that you underwent the X ray examination and the other necessary health check ups under the grant of an Australian visa, then you need to perform them again. That’s not all, all your family members need to perform this test if their names are mentioned in the application form.
  • Get a Reliable Student Visa Agent – When you have your attention divided between your academics and extending your visa, it is better to hire a reliable and efficient student visa agent in Melbourne. Since they can guide you about the process and the protocol that you must follow. They not just inform you about the steps involved but also guide you to follow the process that will suit you the most.

With us on board, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. Just let us know about your requirements and we will do all that it takes to extend your student visa.