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A keylogger is fundamentally a dangerous computer program meant to record keystroke movement and every mouse movement made by an user on the computer keyboard. So recorded info is saved or sent over the web by the keylogger application to an already known remote host. This kind of program works on the hardware device or software application that the user is not completely aware of and runs silently in the PCs background. Some of the keylogger programs are exceptionally advanced to shoot all the computer tasks as well as take screenshots of whatever the info is on the screen. These programs automatically start themselves as soon as the PC is turned on without demanding an users input in the slightest. Dangerous can a keylogger be? A keylogger can be extremely dangerous as it logs all your key input movements on the keyboard. You might do Net banking to send/receive payments or forwarding confidential attachments to your office; all the private or confidential information would be in secret passed over to the intended attacker who does farther misuse it for stealing cash from your bank account or leaking the confidential information outside to other sources. We should comprehend the type of files they are and the best way to identify them, before we go through the instructions to remove keylogger files. A keylogger file can bear any extensions for example “.exe”, “.dll”, “.Pif”, and “.scr” etc. п»ї

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The.exe files are the commonest sort of files used to convey keylogger applications. The.scr files are the most challenging files to find than the.exe files. Fix-it-all Option Below are the simple steps which should assist you to solve the keylogger problems: Ensure your PC is up and running. Right click anywhere on your desktops taskbar, visit Task Manager. You may also press and hold Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys on the keyboard to get to the Task Manager window. Click the Processes tab on the top, when the Task Manager window appears. A list of the running or concealed applications close the window, identify the potential keylogger programs, if possible write it down and would be populated. Then click on Start, go to Control Panel.

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A window containing multiple applications would be up in front, then click Add/Remove Programs. Choose the application that is identified, click Change/Remove or merely Remove whatever option is there and follow the instructions to uninstall the program. Go back to the Task Manager window and right click the program that is identified. From the list of choices, click on Open Containing Folder and delete all the files and or name associated with the identified software identity. Find your hard drive (C:) with the help of Windows search application. Seek for all the files that resemble the same name as the keylogger software and remove them all from the programs folder and the hard drive, make sure you delete all the files of keylogger as multiple identities are born by them. Ensure that the deletion process has completed and then restart your PC in order to allow the changes take effect.

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When the PC is running again and all up, visit the Start menu and then select Run. Key in regedit and press OK. The window delete, choose the registry entries associated with the keylogger application and will bring up all the registry entries of your PC. (Most Imp: Before you go deleting the registry entries, you need to ensure that you have a backup of your entire registry directory. Deleting the significant registry files would either prevent your PC from operating properly or lead to a system crash.) Restart e-mail your PC after cleaning the registry directory. Startup configurations; recheck your Task Manager, when the PC is all up and running, as a way to ensure the keylogger program is totally removed from your PC and registry files. The entire procedure needs the comprehensive understanding of settings and registry files etc addition to patience. If you still find yourself stuck with it afterward better contact a certified technical help and save your valuable time, though, it was the simplest procedure to resolve the keylogger software. There are quite a few third party providers out there that provide technical support services that are online.

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