FAQs on Australian Immigration

Immigrating to a new country requires a great amount of paperwork and there are lots of aspects to be considered before a visa is finally granted to a candidate. As far as immigration to Australia is considered, applicants have a lot of questions. Some of them have been addressed here:

  • Firstly, the question is whether one is eligible to apply for the immigration. This depends on a lot of things and the nature of the visa will depend on the reason whether you are a student, a spouse to a businessman already residing there, a skilled worker or are you a humanitarian. You need to check the list on the website to see whether you are fulfilling the criteria.
  • Next, another pertinent question is whether the Embassy will help the applicant for the preparation of all the documents and in filing the actual application. No. The Government of Australia no longer has this service. Yes, some basic help would be extended to you and you might get the forms, but the person you should be turning to is the registered Migration Agent. Once you appoint him, he will help you through the entire process of application- he would help you with the paperwork, the attestation of documents, the preparation for the interview and the final application. He will charge a fee and look into everything for you and your family.
  • The next question is, is it a fact that applications are refused by dozens? The unfortunate answer is Yes. A large number of visa applications are refused everyday just because there is some technical error or there are wrong supporting documents with the applications. To many it would not even seem like a problem at all, but they have no idea regarding how strictly the immigration law is enforced so that only genuine applicants are given permission.

There is no guarantee that once you have had your profile checked by a migration agent and applied for the visa, you would be sure to attain success. There has to be adequate supporting documentation and the process is much more complicated than it may sound. You have to be prepared for refusals but it is also a fact that if you have the right migration agent and if you have presented all the information with full transparency, then there is no reason for you not to be granted a visa.