A Detailed Insight into the 457 Visa Requirements

One needs to have a visa to immigrate to another country and although there are many types of them, one of the most important is the 457 visa. It is the visa for skilled workers who are allowed to immigrate to Australia and work for a limited period of time. The criterion is that the workers would have to be sponsored and nominated by the employers. The job however, has to be listed in the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation Act or else the worker will not be allowed to migrate.

Both the sponsor and the worker have to keep in mind certain things before applying for the visa. Here is a brief overview:

The employer has to first apply to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship so that he can be a sponsor who can recruit overseas workers for his job. The employer or the sponsor has to nominate certain positions in his job so that when the employees are appointed, they would be appointed for those nominated posts. Once the positions have been finalized, hunt should be on for the selection of candidates who would be suitable for working in these positions. The selection should be a prudent one and it is up to the sponsor to see that all of them are responsible and good individuals. The employer should also wholeheartedly work for the benefit of the employees and see that they face no difficulties in a foreign land. Their welfare should be one of his top priorities. The DIAC’s strictly looks into every aspect and the sponsor would do well to cooperate with them in every stage. There will be a personal overseeing the entire procedure and he has to be satisfied before he finally grants the visa.

As far as the workers themselves are concerned, they have to officially accept the offer letter and should work in their designated position.

There are innumerable other nuances to be taken care of and it is the duty of the sponsor to see that all of them are met. Since it as his employee that the worker would be entering the country of Australia, he would be answerable to an extent if there is a serious discrepancy found in the application. It is the duty of both the sponsor and the worker to keep a record of all the documents that would be sent for the final verification and to take the help of professionals to help with the procedure.