Checklist for Australian Student Visa

Many students go and study abroad and for many of them studying in Australia is like a dream come true. Melbourne is one of the top education destinations and a student visa in Melbourne is much sought after. If all goes well and if you have the credentials, you are sure to get a visa for Australia. Here are some of the things that you need to have in place before you apply for an Australian Student Visa.

  • At first, you have to apply to the institution as per their norms. Once the institution has approved your admission, you will have a “Letter of Offer”. You have to produce this letter, along with an “Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment” while applying for the Visa.

  • Next, you have to produce the receipt which proves that you have paid the course fee or the tuition fees in advance. In most colleges and universities, the fees for the first semester have to be filled in during the time of admission.

  • You would need your passport and check it is between the validity period.

  • You will also have to produce a medical certificate which shows that you are in good health and is fit to undertake the journey and stay in a foreign country. The doctor conducting the examination and issuing the certificate has to be an approved one and he will also be provided with a series of forms and questionnaires which he has to fill in. This would be a part of the visa application kit.

  • An “Overseas Student Health Cover” is also compulsory for any student who is applying to study in Australia. This will cover the cost if in case the student falls very ill after reaching the country.

  • During the Visa application, the student would have to attend a series of interviews and it would be well if he acquaints himself with Australian culture a little bit so that he can assure his interviewers that he will not face any major difficulty when he relocates to Australia.

There are also visas available for graduates or for those who would be going for short courses or would also work as interns. The overall procedure is the same- but the documents have to be in place. Visa application might be easier if you also have proof that you have found out about prior accommodation or if you have relatives already staying in Melbourne or other parts of Australia.