Australian Student Visa Requirement

Australia is a major destination for both study and work and one has to be meticulous about sending a visa application to that country. The immigration laws of Australia are enforced strictly and as prescribed by the MARA. The student applying for visa has to keep certain things in mind and someone from India can contact a Punjabi migration agent in Melbourne. Here are some requirements about which the student has to be careful.

  • The student first has to apply to a college or university in Australia and comply with their admission procedures. Once they are selected and admitted, they have would be given an offer letter. The offer letter has to be produced during the application of visa.

  • Next, the student has to fill in the fees for the college, usually the first semester and then also produce the receipt during the application of the visa. In case, the student wants to keep the actual receipt for future reference, he can enquire whether he can submit a copy stamped by a public notary.

  • It is not always applicable, but the student might have better chances of getting their visa approved if they have found accommodation there or if he or she already has relatives residing in Australia. However, this is not a major criteria and the application might still be refused if there is a technical fault with the application.

  • The students have to keep all their documents in place pertaining to their identification and their personal details. If there are any glitches during the verification process, then the visa is likely to be rejected.

  • The students also have to have a health cover while applying for the visa. This is one of the prerequisites so that in case the student is suddenly taken ill, he will be able to cover the expenses. The health cover certificate should be provided during the visa application.

  • For those going for higher studies, there are provisions of temporary graduate visa. These visas also have provisions if the student wants to work as an intern during the course of the study.

  • Temporary research or training visa van also be applied for but in that case the student will have to prove that his area of research has been approved by the respective university. If he is a visiting scholar, then he can also produce the certificate that has been issued.