There is an exciting change that was brought in by the Budget presented in the days earlier. You must be wondering why the Australian budget is important for immigration. It is because the TSS (subclass 482) Visa, now sees a change. What is that? And how will that affect you if you are planning to apply for the Visa? Here is all that you will want to know! 

What is the Story Around the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)?

Previously, the 482 Visa wanted whoever applied had a minimum of two years of relevant work experience. And now what? Now, this requirement has now been lowered to one year.

What will this do? For most of the immigrants it makes the struggle half. This move aims to address critical skill shortages across various sectors in Australia. 

It seems like the government is ready to ease the eligibility criteria. Why will they do this? It is because the government hopes to attract a wider pool of talented individuals and bolster the national workforce. There you go! You have better chances, check your eligibility! 

Do We Celebrate this Change? 

Yes, and No. While you might be given the opportunity and relaxation of the lesser work experience, your eligibility has other factors. What are they? Look down under! 

  • Nominated by approved sponsor (employer with government approval)
  • Occupation on Skill Occupation List (shows in-demand jobs)
  • Minimum 1 year work experience (may vary by occupation)
  • Skills assessment needed in some cases (verifies your skills meet Australian standards)
  • Minimum English language proficiency (score depends on occupation)
  • Meet health and character requirements (health checks, police clearances)
  • Health insurance mandatory (unless exempt)
  • No outstanding debts to Australian government
  • Clean visa history (no cancelled applications)

Potential Benefits for Employers and Migrants

The best part is that everyone will be benefited with such a move. For employers struggling to fill crucial positions, the revised 482 Visa requirements present so much. 

They can now sponsor skilled migrants with a demonstrably strong year of experience, potentially leading to a more efficient recruitment process.  

Migrants with in-demand skills also benefit by having an easier pathway to secure employment and build a fulfilling career in Australia.

A Positive Step for Australian Immigration

The revised 482 Visa requirements signal a more open and accessible approach to skilled migration in Australia. This shift aligns with the nation’s strategic need for talent acquisition and economic growth. With a streamlined process and wider talent pool, both employers and skilled migrants can reap the benefits of this positive development in Australian immigration policy.

How can Migration Agent Help with TSS Visa (Subclass 482)

If you are still confused, then you might want to hire a migration agent. How will they help you? See through. 

  • Streamlines Eligibility Assessment: Migration agents can assess your background and qualifications to see if you meet the specific requirements for the 482 visa based on your chosen occupation.
  • Recommends Sponsors: They can help you find and connect with potential employers who are approved sponsors for the 482 visa program.
  • Paperwork: The application process involves various forms and documents. Migration agents can ensure everything is filled out correctly and efficiently.
  • Tackling Authorities: They can communicate with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf, clarifying any questions or addressing potential issues.
  • Boosts Success Rate: Their expertise can significantly increase your chances of a successful visa application by ensuring it meets all the criteria and is presented professionally.


While the recent changes make the 482 visa more accessible, to get through the application process can make you want to not do it, trust us.  A registered migration agent is always there, guiding you through the eligibility. 

Our expertise can be the difference between a smooth journey and a frustrating roadblock. Consider consulting a migration agent to increase your chances of securing your dream job and a fulfilling life in Australia.