How to apply for MBA in Australia?

Colleges offering MBA education and degree in Australia are in demand all across the world and recent times have witnessed an exodus of students migrating to Australia for higher education and especially for courses in MBA. While applying to MBA schools in Australia, it is advisable to keep in mind that it is quite a challenging task and the acceptance criteria is fairly strict and varies from one college to another. Some colleges have an acceptance criteria of just 15%. Overall, what colleges look for in students are two fold – firstly, if they have the maturity and academic capacity to manage the full MBA program and secondly, how can they contribute to the college after graduation. These requirements are usually assessed via varying weightage on personal essays, letters of recommendation and interviews. The latter are common for all MBA institutions but there are three other major requirements which demand the attention of students too viz. proficiency in English, relevant work experience and academic accomplishments.

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It is compulsory for any international student, who dreams of attending a MBA school in Australia, to take either of the  two English Language Proficiency Tests of TOEFL and IELTS. In fact, visa norms also  dictates for quite a few countries that IELTS is compulsory for issuing student visa. Hence, it is advisable to check the visa requirements from your country and admission criteria of the college to know which exam to take.

Relevant work experience is one other important criteria for most MBA degree programs in Australia. It is a known fact that when experienced students share what all they have observed and learnt while working,  then it adds onto the experience of the fellow students and hence the entire class. Most Australian business schools require a minimum of 2-3 years of relevant work experience and there are several top-tier institutions which mandates a work experience of even five or more years. However there do exist a few Australian MBA degree programs where work experience isn’t a mandatory criteria and freshers who dream of an Australian MBA degree can apply to the same.  

The norm for most MBA institutes, be it in Australia or otherwise, is to check transcripts from all previous schools which applicants have attended. In Australia or Melbourne, a three- or four-year bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent) from a recognized university is mandatory to be considered for entry. However, the undergraduate degree doesn’t necessarily need to be in business.There are some schools that will accept students without an undergraduate degree if candidates have several years of relevant work experience. Of course, relevance is judged by how close it was to a management role. Top ranked MBA institutes require applicants to take the GMAT. However, there does exist many where one can apply without taking GMAT too.

One very important factor that all applicants think about before applying to an MBA program is the cost of it. The fee in Australian Dollars ranges within 18,000 for low-ranking ones to even 75,000 for the top tiered ones. Of course, the return on the MBA degree is usually way more than the cost it incurs during the course of it, still the cost turns out to be a deciding factor for many students.