5 Steps for Immigration in Melbourne

Immigration to any international location has its own set of laws and rules that you need to adhere to. In this blog we will take you through the process that you need to follow with your immigration to Melbourne.

After de-boarding the aircraft, you should proceed towards the entry control point. It is clearly signed and you will not have any difficulty in locating it. You must keep the passport and the completed incoming passenger card ready as you will be asked to produce these documents at the entry control point.  Once this is processed, you will be allowed to go and collect your luggage.

Things to Declare

After you have collected your luggage, you will have to proceed to the exit point, where an officer will check your incoming passenger card and then you will be allowed to further proceed to the customs and border protection and the ‘Australian Quarantine Inspection Service’.

What to Declare

The first thing that you should know is which all articles you are allowed to carry. It is an imperative to declare all such articles because getting caught in suppressing or misrepresenting your declaration might attract heavy penalty. A reputed Migration agent in Melbourne can help you with this. Experts can give you specific information on what to carry and what not to carry.

Following the Guide

The ‘Australian Customs and Border Protection Service’ have their own guide that can help foreign travellers to acquaint themselves with the list of what’s prohibited and what’s not. You can get to know about the restricted goods law and the TRS (tourist refund scheme).

The Quarantine Inspection service

Travellers should note that if they have pets, animals or plants with them, they must declare it on their incoming passenger card. Any baggage that is unaccompanied by you will be up for inspection charges.

The Meeting Point

This is a point where you can meet your host. This place is located right next to the ‘Group and Tours Desk’. This is at Terminal 2 at the Southern end.

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