4 Things Australian Migration Agents Should Know About Document Translations

This blog is for the registered migration agents in Australia who have had requests for translating documents from a foreign language to English in order to suffice a client’s application for Visa. Foreign language documents needs to be translated by a translator who is accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). There are a few things that migration agents should know in this regard, so that they can make their job easier.

Understanding the Difference between NAATI Accreditation and NAATI Recognition – It must be noted that the NAATI accreditation is the only credential that is recognized and accepted by employers. One can obtain accreditation by either of the following ways: competition of translation at an Australian tertiary institution, testing and evidence of qualification in the interpreting or translating area. The NAATI accredited translation is only available on 62 languages. So, any language that falls outside that ambit should be translated by NAATI recognised translators.

Validating the Fact that Translation has been Done by NAATI Accredited Translator – When you are submitting the translated documents to DIBP, It should all be in English. The page should bear the name of the NAATI accredited translator’s name and the number. It is considered as a best practice that the translation should be signed and dated. It is also often stamped by the respective translator.

Extract or Full Translation – This is another aspect that translators get confused on. Clients often come with the translation request of various pages. However, not all these pages are required to be translated and there are only some specific parts that are required. So, an extract translation is good for such requirements. However, it must be noted that a full translation is what is more important because in case of legal contracts with terms, this might be required.

Seeking Professional help from a Translating Agency – This is another important factor that needs to be checked. There are numerous NAATI recognised translating agencies that offer their services on translation.

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